Gaining insight by doing nothing

The other day I saw this headline and stopped. “The Art and Science of Doing Nothing.”

“Really?” I thought “Nothing? Wow.”

It’s summer time, when most of us try to get away from the work grind for at least a few days or for the brave or lucky, even a few weeks. For the most part, doing nothing for me takes effort. Not to say it isn’t a goal, I just find it hard to step away from work and life. But we all need to take a break.

I hope that one line that stuck with me from the article will stick with you. “Leisure is necessary for insight.” Let’s make it our summer mantra.

Insight makes us better. We need it to keep up in our knowledge economy. Yet, we need to be unproductive to be more productive when we reengage. Our brains need a rest. And when we take a break, insight is our gift.

Most of us get too wrapped up in projects, goals, initiatives and meetings. This summer, challenge yourself to do nothing. Enjoy the downtime and I hope the insight makes work and life better. I am going to give it a try, too.