Johns Hopkins to host cyber-security summit

Johns Hopkins to Host Cyber security summit

In light of recent data theft at retailers and other businesses, as well as amid fears of additional data breaches as the healthcare environment migrates to the digital world, Johns Hopkins information security experts have helped organize a conference to inform top executives about the growing risks of digital break-ins, how to reduce these risks, and how to manage the aftermath of a data breach.

The conference is scheduled for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the university's Homewood campus in Baltimore. More than a dozen speakers, representing the business community, academia and government offices, are slated to participate.

Conference topics will range from cybercrime trends and security tactics to data breach crisis management and the role of cyber insurance. The presentations are designed for high-level technical and nontechnical executives who hold important decision-making posts in their businesses.

"Digital attacks against businesses are on the rise and are unlikely to go away anytime soon," said Anton Dahbura, executive director of the Information Security Institute. "These attacks can be extremely expensive to address after the fact and can inflict severe damage upon a business's reputation and customer loyalty. Our goal at this conference is to share some of the best and most current information about how to protect business data from hackers and how to manage the aftermath of a data breach, should one occur."

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